Monday, February 25, 2013

Rain or Shine

Because I've been in Rome for about a month now I've began to get comfortable. My roommates and I noticed that we tend to get in our usual routine of lounging around, sleeping, watching movies, and occasionally going outside to get some food. This past weekend we wanted to break our new habits and actually go out and experience more of Rome.

Thursday after my morning class, Steph, Kristen, and I decided to go into Campo de Fiori to the market. It was really neat with all of the different fruits, vegetables, pastas, and flowers being sold. There were also some more touristy things there too. I ended up buying a few bags of pasta and some sun dried tomatoes. We then walked over to a little pizzeria/bakery someone in my class had mentioned. Kristen and I both got a cinnamon apple/golden raisin strudel with powdered sugar on top. Being the typical adventurous eater that I am I had already bitten into the delicious pastry before we walked out the front door, and it was gone before we got to the tram stop! I know, I love food way too much. But I can't help myself when something that delicious is in my possession.

It was such a beautiful day out the three of us decided to go for a walk before we headed home. There's this little island looking thing in the river that we always pass on our way going into town so we decided that today was a great day to go check it out. It was really cool. People were just hanging out and relaxing by the water eating their lunches. We, of course, took this as the perfect opportunity to have a mini photo shoot. I think the two best things my roommates and I know how to do is 1. eat and 2. take pictures of ourselves. We're pros.

Friday morning we woke up and I attempted to do a workout on YouTube. I figured it was the least I could do with out feeling too guilty about all of the eating I've been doing. Then the four of us (Me, Kristen, Steph, and Rae) went to the open market a few tram stops down from where we live. It's always fun going there. The food is all laid out beautifully with all the different colors. I find it a little humorous though how most of the food vendors are smoking right next to the food they're selling. By the end of our mini trip there I was leaving with 4 pears, a bundle of asparagus, 1 lemon, basil, oh and 1 kilo of shrimp. Yeah I'm still not sure why I bought that much shrimp.

Of course once we got back to our place and had lunch we decided to watch a movie and cuddle up. By the time it was over we didn't want to leave. Typical. So I decided I'd put the shrimp to good use and make homemade seafood alfredo for the girls.

Steph and I headed to the kitchen and began working on the shrimp. Yeah, it's a pretty disgusting process if you ask me. But once that was done the rest was pretty easy and it was a big hit with the girls.

The next morning we woke up and immediately got ready for the day. We weren't going to be slackers today. Of course the day we actually do decide to go and do something it is pouring out, but we still went.

In school I had taken an art history course and had really enjoyed it. One of my favorite pieces of art I remember learning about was St. Teresa in Ecstasy. Steph had also learned about it in school and loved it so the four of us decided to go in and see it.

On our way in we decided to stop in a restaurant to get some lunch. Walking into it you wouldn't really think it was anything special. I actually thought it looked like another trendy place targeted for tourists. We'll I was definitely wrong. The pizza was AMAZING. It was an extremely close second to the pizza I had when I went to Naples. Half way through my pizza (which had mozzarella, parmesan, basil and yellow cherry tomatoes) I was already full but I kept going because it was just so incredibly delicious. I wan't to get on the tram right now and go into town and have another one. The waiters were also really nice. They were joking around with us and making us laugh. I especially got a few laughs thrown my way when I whipped out my phrase book so I could understand the menu.

After the great lunch we headed to the church. The statue was breath taking. Actually the whole church was breath taking. I couldn't believe it. Despite the rain I was having a great time. We walked around the church then around Rome for a little while longer and then we headed home. We were all soaked. Once we got home we made some dinner and guess what? ... popped in a movie.

Sunday was another good day though as well! Steph Kristen and I went back into Rome because the sun was shining and we didn't have much homework to do. We first went to one church with probably 400 stairs that you need to climb before you can enter it. Inside it looked like a typical Roman Catholic church... which is absolutely beautiful. It's connected to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider or also known as the "Wedding Cake" Monument. After taking a glance inside we just walked around the corner and casually over to the Coliseum. When we were there a couple was taking their wedding photos. Being the hopeless romantic that I am couldn't resist from taking a couple of photos of them. It just seemed so perfect and beautiful and happy. Those are the kind of moments I just can't resist. And then once they were done the three of us proceeded to take photos of ourselves. This should of course be expected by now. We then had to head home to do the homework that we did have. 

Can't say it was a bad weekend! 

The Church and its many steps:

View from the top:

(Me & Kristen)


Inside the Church:

On top of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider:

(Kristne & Steph aka FashionKillas)

In front of ruins:

Couple taking wedding photos:

 Alpha Gamma Delata Representing:
"When in Rome, throw what ya know"


  1. Great blog, really enjoying reading it!

  2. Reading your blog, as someone who has just applied to study at AUR, I was wondering what the school is like? Is it mainly Italian speaking, or are classes in English and easy to understand?